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Chairman and President
Bob Robert Ball

Robert Ball is one of Portland’s leading developers and has been a successful real estate investor, developer, manager, and owner for nearly 30 years. From small infill to large scale high-rise properties, he brings a unique combination of development talent and experience in land planning, entitlement processing, market and feasibility analysis, design and construction, and the essential operational components of real estate investment. Robert negotiates and manages acquisitions, property analysis, development profitability forecasts, acquisition feasibility, market conditions, property due diligence, and overall project and real estate product concepts. His career has spanned nearly 30 years.


Robert has volunteered as a reserve police officer for the Portland Police Bureau for 22 years and holds the rank of Commander. He has been awarded the Police Medal (for exceptional courage,) two Distinguished Service Awards from the Oregon Peace Officers Association, and many other commendations and citations. He has served on Portland’s Charter Commission, and in 2007, helped lead a successful political campaign with then Mayor Tom Potter to pass 3 ballot measures that streamlined Portland’s civil service rules, brought more accountability to the Portland Development Commission and created ongoing charter review. 

Robert has served on several nonprofit boards, and has been active in civic, neighborhood and community projects. He won the 1997 NW Examiner Award for Public Safety, is the founding donor of the Q-Center(Portland’s LGBT community center), and was listed on the Business Journal’s prestigious 40 Under 40 list for outstanding leadership in business and civic affairs.  In 2016 he was awarded the Paul Meyer Award by the Portland Police Association, the first non-member to receive this honor. He is a 2017 recipient of the Liberty and Hope Award by the League of Minority Voters for his role as a founding board member to bring more marginalized communities and people of color into the political process. He was appointed by Governor Kate Brown and is currently Chair of Oregon’s Criminal Justice Commission.


Patrick Sieng is a lobbyist with the Association of Oregon Counties where he represents county commissioners, sheriffs, district attorneys, and other county public safety interests at the State Capitol. He previously served as Chief of Staff to State Representative Jean Cowan from the central Oregon coast for five years.  Patrick has been deeply involved in the passage of various state laws and amendments, and has a deep understanding and experience in the functioning of Oregon State government.


Patrick is currently a Reserve Sergeant for the Portland Police Bureau and has served in the Reserve Unit since July 2009. In 2011, he and Commander Robert Ball led a statewide coalition of law enforcement stakeholders including DPSST, League of Oregon Cities, Association of Oregon Counties, Sheriff and Chief’s Associations, and law enforcement unions, to pass House Bill 3153. This bill provides reserve police officers in Oregon full peace officer powers and the same protections under state law as full-time peace officers and was signed into law by Governor John Kitzhaber.  He was awarded the Distinguished Service Award from the Oregon Peace Officers Association for his efforts.


Patrick also owns and operates a website design/political consulting business, PK Strategies. In 

Patrick Sieng

2008, Patrick managed the successful $242 million Salem-Keizer school bond measure campaign, the largest K-12 bond measure in Oregon history. In 2010, he was listed on the Salem Statesman Journal's inaugural 20 under 40 list. He has served on numerous local government, non-profit, and statewide commissions/committees and also served as a Keizer Police Cadet from 2002-2003.

Phil Fleury

Mr. Phil Fleury was born in Brooklyn, NY and attended St. John’s Preparatory School as well as Manhattan College, where he received a BS in Biology in 1968 and was also commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. Upon graduation, Mr. Fleury entered active duty, and served as a Missile Combat Crew Commander attached to the 90th Strategic Missile Wing at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne, WY. Mr. Fleury was awarded the Senior Missileman Badge upon completion of his tour of duty.

Following that duty, Mr. Fleury was assigned to Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA, where he served as Deputy Chief of the Social Actions Office, dealing with equal opportunity and race relations issues for the base commander. He also held the position of  the Base Alcohol and Drug Abuse Control Officer. His office was awarded the Strategic Air Command Social Actions Office of the Year award for 1975. Mr. Fleury was honorably discharged with the rank of Captain in 1976.

After his military service, Mr. Fleury attended the University of Portland School of Nursing, completing a BS degree in 1981 and an MS in 1988. Mr. Fleury was certified as an Adult Nurse Practitioner by the State of Oregon and the American Nurses Association Credentialing Center. Mr. Fleury practiced primary care of adults for 30 years in the Portland area in a variety of

settings with this last 10 years of practice being devoted to the care of  frail elderly patients in the Portland Metropolitan area.  Mr. Fleury also served as an Investigator for the Oregon State Board of Nursing. He retired from practice in 2011.

Mr. Fleury attended the Portland Police Bureau Reserve Academy in 2001, retiring in 2011 after 10 years of service to the citizens of Portland. He holds many letters of commendation and was also awarded the 2010 Jack A. Taliaferro Award upon his retirement from active police duty .


The Portland Metro Reserve Officer’s Foundation was formed in 2011 in response to help solve long-standing funding gaps that impact volunteer officers.  


An everyday example can often tell the story best.  After working an entire 10-hour shift in the Portland Metro area and spending their free time away from family and friends to protect the citizens of Portland, reserve officers often find themselves leaving a parking garage and paying ten dollars in parking fees.  The Portland Metro Reserve Officer’s Foundation was founded to defer these sometimes simple but burdensome costs.


Or, a reserve officer makes an arrest and gets subpoenaed to court.  They give up valuable compensation or vacation time from their regular employment to ensure the court process gets completed.  Our foundation was formed to ensure if reserve officers are making this kind of commitment, that we can support some of their obvious needs and training requirements.


Today, uncompensated reserve officers must purchase many essential accessory items and safety equipment out of their own funds.  These items may include supplementary training, meals during duties and training, parking and gas costs, carrying bags, shoes, hats, and gloves.  Each year, as criminal and municipal laws change, reserve officers must purchase their updated peace officer resource booklets to keep up on these ever changing laws.  Our foundation will help these community minded individuals get supported in every way possible as they often risk their own well being for the citizens of Portland.

Robert Ball
Phil Fleury
Patrick Sieng
Board of Directors
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