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If you are interested in becoming a reserve officer, this can provide a unique way to volunteer and give back to your community.  Reserve officers are not required to live in the City of Portland and reside in various parts of the greater Portland Metro area.  


There are significant benefits to becoming a reserve officer beyond the satisfaction of volunteering for your community. The selection process to become a Portland Police Reserve officer is rigorous and is the same as a paid community policing officer. 

As a result, Portland Police Reserve Officers who serve 2 years in the Portland Police Bureau Reserve Program and have a minimum of 500 service hours after initial training are eligible to transition to a full-time position. This can be in-lieu of minimum educational requirements. Upon


verification of the required hours, Reserve Officers will go through an expedited background investigation covering the time from the completed Reserve background investigation to the present date prior to hiring into a full-time position.  


Upon graduation from the reserve academy, reserve officers are fully sworn police officers, and carry firearms in the performance of their duties. Reserve officers work in every neighborhood to improve the livability of Portland.


Portland DEA Police Reserve Officer
Portand Police Reserve Officers Bike
Portland Police Reserve Officers

Patrol support (patrolling in uniform in a police car)

Assist with arrests and transporting prisoners to jail

Assist with special missions (drug details, prostitution missions)

Presidential and VIP security

Assist at traffic accidents, enforce traffic laws

Community events (festivals, parades, marathons, sporting events)

Crime prevention activities

Senior citizen programs

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